Introducing New Raffle Feature – Get the Community Engaged

May 12, 2011 Rob Arthurs

Raffles are a fixture at any conference. A common practice that brings potential customers to an exhibition booth so they can be engaged and introduced to a vendor’s product or service. Heck, we should have all won an iPod by now!

To promote event community engagement, we have now brought this fun, interactive element to the Leebug platform.

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New Custom Home Pages

April 18, 2011 Rob Arthurs

This week we launched a new design of the user Home page.  The design is laser focused on your upcoming event.  We have stripped the page clean of any reference to other events on the platform. When you log into your Leebug account you will see your upoming event and an activity stream from the event – and that’s it.

The vast majority of people coming to Leebug are coming to network at one event at a time, and we want to make access to that event community as easy and streamlined as possible. We also want to appeal to the event producer’s concerns about branding. This new design will focus their delegate’s experience on their event exclusively.

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New Registration Wizard

March 10, 2011 Rob Arthurs

We launched our new registration wizard this week to streamline the process of joining an event community.  The simple 3 step process allows users to import their LinkedIn profile, sync their Twitter account and check off their reasons for attending (or whom they would like to meet) before entering the community.  Previously, the user would have had to exit the event to their profile page to import their LinkedIn profile.

The result of this enhancement is many more delegates with profile photos and completed bios within the event communities, and this will lead to more user engagement. Those without LinkedIn or Twitter accounts can simply skip these steps.

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Event Producers Show Us Their Love

January 20, 2011 Rob Arthurs

In September of 2009 we rolled out the Leebug platform, and have ever since been very busy hosting turn-key event communities for happy event producer clients.

Customer Appreciation
“A win/win for both of us”
“An amazing tool for sponsors”
“Delegates love having all of the info easily available”
“This is great. Everyone should use it”

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The Leebug DGI 2011 iPhone App

January 13, 2011 Rob Arthurs

We are very excited to be providing Worldwide Business Research an iPhone app for their Defence Geospatial Intelligence (DGI) 2011 conference in London. The powerful app provides delegates with a paperless event guide and portable event community. The app delivers the other half of Leebug platform, combining with the website to make an enhanced event experience for all participants.

We like to look at the app as having two main components 1. A Digital Event Guide, and 2. A Connected Delegate Community.

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Connecting you with who you don’t know, but should..

November 16, 2010 Rob Arthurs

The focus of the Leebug networking platform is connecting professionals at B2B conferences and events with the right delegates…connecting you with who you don’t know, but should.

Filters and Sorting
Event community Hosts can select filters to identify delegate types and industries. These filters enable delegates to connect with those most relevant to them.

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Community Analytics

November 5, 2010 Rob Arthurs

This week we have released a new feature that allows event producers to see at a glance the engagement and activity of their event community.

The Inactive Participants statistic is calculated from the auto-enrolment off the delegate import. When Leebug sends out the invite to an event producer’s delegate list we track who has joined the event community and who hasn’t.  Those who have never logged into Leebug and joined  are considered Inactive.

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Platform Highlights – An Event Producer’s Takeaway on How it All Works

October 21, 2010 Rob Arthurs

In order to introduce the Leebug platform to event producers, we usually do a demo using screen sharing during a conference call.  In the demo we cover most of the features and functionality – and it’s a lot of information.  To help with all the details we created a marketing piece with all the highlights of the platform.  We would like to share this with everyone because the material sums up our product succinctly – download our pdf version.



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The Global Hedge Fund Forum – Now a Permanent Community

August 30, 2010 Rob Arthurs

What started off as the inaugural virtual event hosted on the Leebug platform, has now morphed into a permanent community of over 400 participants.

The Global Hedge Fund Forum is place for hedge fund professionals to network and connect.  Hedge fund investors that meet the legal criteria for accessing the sensitive hedge fund information can join the community for free.  Hedge fund managers wishing to promote their funds to a qualified audience in a secure environment can do so by purchasing access to the community. Sponsorships for online branding within the community are available as well.  Both the managers and the sponsors will be showcased in virtual booths – marketing materials can be uploaded, video shown and profiles attached for an interactive presence.

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Website Refresh

August 27, 2010 Rob Arthurs

We finally got around to giving a much needed refresh – an overhaul actually. All of our efforts had been going into developing the features and the functionality of the event communities, and we let slip the web pages that marketed the platform and gave informational details on all the features and capabilities. I am pleased to now have the website balanced out.

Our new splash page emphasizes the human connection of event networking.  The Leebug platform is here to enhance event networking – to make it easier for delegates to meet the right people in a more efficient manor.  And these people aren’t avatars, they are business people like you and I.  We are also displaying some our more recent clients.

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