New Tracks Sorting Tool Eases Navigation of Busy Agendas

April 19, 2012 Rob Arthurs

We have made of number of improvements to the Leebug platform recently to handle the needs of our larger clients. We made adjustments “under the hood” to speed up the delegate search (really, the heart of the event networking community), in addition to launching the notifications feature and few other tweaks.

What we are releasing now is an improved method of organizing and viewing complex agendas on our conference app. The event producer, or whomever is running admin on the app CMS, will create a new Track field and name it. They can then go on to create as many Track names as are required over the length of their conference.

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Brand New Virtual Booths – Completely Redesigned

February 1, 2012 Rob Arthurs

Brand new and improved virtual booths! Our new design lays out all the information at once, creating a beautiful, interactive company profile. We have added more social media to the v-Booths, with links to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  We also now pull in a company’s Twitter feed directly into the page.  All of this is in addition to the standard features of the v-Booths: logo, description, video embed, contact details, and marketing materials. Now, more than ever before, a virtual booth is the best way to expose your company and products to delegates prior to a conference. See below for a full list of features.

Though the old style booth graphic was lovely to look at, the problem was that it forced much of the company information to be hidden behind popups – requiring an extra mouse click to view. So out with the old and in with the new.

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New Mobile App Feedback Features: Ratings and Polling

January 9, 2012 Rob Arthurs

This must be the most requested feature for Leebug Mobile. It has always been on our roadmap, but now it’s here and we are happy to announce our new features for event producers to receive instant feedback on their event.


We have set up up the app so that any session or any speaker can be rated by the attendees. On each page there is a “Tap to Rate” prompt which will elegantly display our 5 star rating system. One star is a rating of Poor while five stars is Outstanding.  In the app administration tool, the event producer can view the average rating and how many times the particular item had been rated. This tool will be a fantastic resource for getting the delegate’s assessment of an event and it’s content.

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Nifty New App Feature Let’s You Turn Off Nav Items

December 7, 2011 Rob Arthurs

Today we released a new feature in the Leebug Mobile app admin that allows you to activate or de-activate the main navigational items on the app. For example, if your event doesn’t have an exhibition area you can turn off the Exhibitors tab using the new App Settings menu (like the image shown here).

Another example would be to turn off the attendee networking component. Some event producers are particularly sensitive about people seeing their delegates (even if viewing them requires a password), and that’s fine, we respect that.  In this case the event producer now has a perfectly capable paperless event guide.

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Introducing Leebug Mobile

November 2, 2011 Rob Arthurs

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Leebug Mobile, the companion app for the Leebug event communities.  The app features a full digital event guide and integration with the online delegate community. We have harnessed the power of new HTML5 technologies allowing the app to run consistently across all smartphones and tablets, and to run offline (when there is no internet connection).

Leebug Mobile is loaded with features to facilitate navigating the conference and connecting with the right attendees.  Event producers will take advantage of our easy to use content management system, notification system, polling features and ROI analytics*.

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Login Widget Allows Access from your Website

June 21, 2011 Rob Arthurs

This should be of interest to a lot of event producers. We have created a widget that will allow delegates to login and enter your event community directly from your own conference website.

How it works:

In your event community on Leebug, you will grab a your login widget code, which is just a snippet of html code that looks like this:

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New Favorites Feature Makes Your Life Easier

June 6, 2011 Rob Arthurs

The primary mission of Leebug is to facilitate networking at conferences and professional events, and today we added a nifty feature to make it even easier. As you scroll through the Participant List in the event community, you can now Favorite delegates.

For many of us, the preferred method of seeking out the best connection is to sift through all the delegates in one shot and identify the ones with the most potential. Once the list has been culled, and the most interesting attendees have been placed on your radar screen, you review and begin sending messages requesting meetings and to connect.

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Introducing New Raffle Feature – Get the Community Engaged

May 12, 2011 Rob Arthurs

Raffles are a fixture at any conference. A common practice that brings potential customers to an exhibition booth so they can be engaged and introduced to a vendor’s product or service. Heck, we should have all won an iPod by now!

To promote event community engagement, we have now brought this fun, interactive element to the Leebug platform.

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New Custom Home Pages

April 18, 2011 Rob Arthurs

This week we launched a new design of the user Home page.  The design is laser focused on your upcoming event.  We have stripped the page clean of any reference to other events on the platform. When you log into your Leebug account you will see your upoming event and an activity stream from the event – and that’s it.

The vast majority of people coming to Leebug are coming to network at one event at a time, and we want to make access to that event community as easy and streamlined as possible. We also want to appeal to the event producer’s concerns about branding. This new design will focus their delegate’s experience on their event exclusively.

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New Registration Wizard

March 10, 2011 Rob Arthurs

We launched our new registration wizard this week to streamline the process of joining an event community.  The simple 3 step process allows users to import their LinkedIn profile, sync their Twitter account and check off their reasons for attending (or whom they would like to meet) before entering the community.  Previously, the user would have had to exit the event to their profile page to import their LinkedIn profile.

The result of this enhancement is many more delegates with profile photos and completed bios within the event communities, and this will lead to more user engagement. Those without LinkedIn or Twitter accounts can simply skip these steps.

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