Leebug Mobile – Features Overview

March 30, 2012 Rob Arthurs

Leebug Mobile, our conference app that integrates with the online event communities, has evolved with many new features since its launch in late 2011. We thought we would take this opportunity to summarize the features, and mention a few things we have on the road map for this spring.

Digital Event Guide

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New Notification Messaging Feature Connects Event Producers To Their Delegates

March 14, 2012 Rob Arthurs

We have built in new functionality that allows event producers to send notification messages to their delegates on the Leebug networking platform.  We have built the notification system in such a way that it allows the Sender to drill down on exactly who receives the message. While you can notify everyone in the system, you don’t have to. The Sender can also segregate the message into groups. For example, if they only want to message the Speakers. Notifications can even be sent individually by selection, simply check off the delegates that are to receive your message.

This functionality was originally requested in terms of being used while at the event to alert attendees of schedule changes, however it can be used for much more than this.  In the days leading up to the conference, messages can be pushed out on topics like promoting features of the event community, and alerts highlighting new speakers and upcoming networking opportunities.

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Custom Header Logo Makes Leebug All Yours

July 20, 2011 Rob Arthurs

Dear Event Producer,

You asked for it…it’s yours. Mi casa es su casa. With the third instalment of our new customization options we have created an offering that will make the Leebug platform truly feel like it’s been custom built for you and your delegates.

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Connecting you with who you don’t know, but should..

November 16, 2010 Rob Arthurs

The focus of the Leebug networking platform is connecting professionals at B2B conferences and events with the right delegates…connecting you with who you don’t know, but should.

Filters and Sorting
Event community Hosts can select filters to identify delegate types and industries. These filters enable delegates to connect with those most relevant to them.

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